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Leeds West Academy is keen to ensure that we create a first class dining experience for young people over the course of their education.  We serve a range of exciting and healthy food for breakfast, at break time and during the course of the lunch break. There are always several different options available including a hot meal, vegetarian/halal, salad options and a wide selection of sandwiches. 

Students are encouraged to try something new each day and to think carefully about the food choices they are making.  The catering team are more than happy to cater for the dietary requirements of individual students and parents are asked to contact reception, if this is the case. 

Leeds West Academy operates a cashless dining experience with students using their finger images to pay for food at the tills. Students can top up their accounts at revaluing stations in the academy.  In due course, parents and carers will be able to use Parent Pay to recharge their children’s accounts online. 

Parents and carers are more than welcome to contact the academy if they wish to see a summary of what their child is eating at school. Please contact Student Services if you are interested in using this service. 

Download the Change4Life Be Food Smart app. This fantastic app allows you to identify what foods are good for you to eat by identifying the different levels of sugar, fat and salt. It’s so simple, yet so effective.  Remember your health is everything, so why not give this a go. Be the better you. 


Food labels can help you choose what you buy and keep a check on what’s in your food and drink. Find out more about sugar, sat fat and salt, and how much is too much? 


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