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Work Experience

Students at Leeds West Academy will participate in a work experience programme during Year 10 and Year 12.  Planning for this starts in September, for Year 10 this usually takes place the week before February half term and Year 12’s the last week in July.

The dates for this academic year are:

  • 5th-9th February 2018 Year 10s
  • 16th-20th July 2018 Year 12s

Students are encouraged to source their own placements, which helps them gain the skills they will need when it comes to finding a job in the future.  Our Sponsor Leeds City College, source the rest of the work placements in a variety of sectors including catering, childcare and retail.  All placements are subject to having employer liability insurance.

Wherever the work experience, all placements will be checked against health & safety requirements.  Students are visited by a member of Leeds West Academy when on placement.

Below shows the timetable of the placement process.

Own Placement Timeline



Supporting Documents

Work Experience Information
Handbook Year 12
Experience Booklet
Pre 16 WE Health and Safety Form