Leeds West Academy


The Empire Discovery Centre Workshop

On Tuesday 2nd July, our Year 7 students attended an engaging workshop hosted by the Leeds Discovery centre.

The centre cares for over 1.3 million objects that are not currently on display in the council museums at the moment. They use these objects to inspire, educate, entertain and challenge students.

The session was based around the development and expansion of the British Empire, which Year 7 are currently studying. The students were then given a range of unusual and interesting artefacts such as a skull, photos, a shield, tea and toffee caddies, coins and a printed cloth.

They had to discuss and determine if these were linked to each of the themes; culture, warfare, trade or power. They have to feedback what they have learn about the empire from each of the items. Furthermore they have to look at the moral issue about taking artefacts from their countries of origin should this be seen as looting, stealing, rescuing or preserving - a lively debate followed.