Leeds West Academy


Thackray Medical Museum

On Tuesday 15th October, a number of Year 10 and Year 11 Leeds West Academy students took part in a workshop run by the outreach education officers from Thackray Medical Museum.

The workshop focused on taking them through their 'health and the people' GCSE course, from ancient times right up to the present day. The groups of Year 10 and Year 11 took part in a lively discussion on the 2000 years of history prompted by intriguing artefacts and images.

However, the students were also required to be active in the session, by creating a 'human timeline' of key medical inventions, individuals and discoveries across the four time periods they have studied. Students used their own knowledge from lessons to explain why they had put themselves in this order.

Hannah and Leah from the Museum commented on the student’s exceptional subject knowledge and great behaviour. This workshop has contributed to the ongoing revision undertaken by Year 10 and Year 11, and has enriched their subject knowledge.

Thank you Hannah and Leah for presenting such an engaging and fun workshop!