Leeds West Academy


Student Council Elections

Empowering student leadership

Following the results of the Leeds West Academy Student Council Elections this term, the Council's first meeting was held today outlining a busy agenda for the academic year 2016-17.

Student Council is composed of a broad cross-section of students from all years, representing the passionate voices and future visions of the Academy. The new Student Council will assist in making decisions and forging solutions which will directly affect all students' school life experience, within and outside the classroom. Working in partnership with senior staff, governors and outside agencies, the members of the Council also support the process of interviewing new staff, developing rewards programmes, and among many other goals, generating new canteen menus.

The Student Council is chaired by Principal Mr Hinchliffe, who said: "Developing student leadership is core to our ethos at Leeds West Academy. How our student voices are elected and engage in group decision-making demonstrates democracy in action, whilst evidencing the importance of the British Values we actively promote. Well done to everybody who entered the election process; we look forward to enhancing our school community with a wealth of new benefits driven by the vibrant ideas of this year’s Student Council.” 

Full details of the exciting developments from Student Council will be reported through our news pages and newsletters. To find out the latest Student Council projects, follow Leeds West Academy on Twitter at @LeedsWestWay.