Leeds West Academy


Restart a Heart Day

Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s CPR training at Leeds West Academy

Leeds West Academy was proud to welcome the Yorkshire Ambulance Service on 16th October, as part of the Restart A Heart training programme.

Across the UK, more than 25,000 youngsters have learnt vital life lessons on Restart A Heart Day, thanks to a bid by Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust to further improve survival rates from out-of-hospital cardiac arrests.

Around 900 volunteers have visited 131 secondary schools like ours, to teach cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) which can double a patient’s chance of survival. 

Last year, YAS saved more cardiac arrest patients than ever before - 310 compared to 240 in 2015-16. Although survival rates have increased in Yorkshire over the last two years (9.3% in 2015-16 and 10.1% in 2016-17), statistics across the UK are still stubbornly low compared to countries like Norway (around 25%), where children learn CPR in schools.

Leeds West Academy has taken part following a great CPR success story where a Sixth Form student was resuscitated by the school’s own First Aid Team, after he suffered a cardiac arrest whilst playing football last year.

Almost a year ago today, at approximately 2pm on Wednesday 19th October, the Sixth Form’s highly successful Football Academy was in training when one of its students suddenly collapsed on the pitch. Students and staff immediately identified that the student was not breathing and the school’s First Aid Team were promptly alerted. With rapid use of the Academy's AED and high-quality CPR, his life was saved.

Christian Wilcocks, Principal of Leeds West Academy, said: “Leeds West Academy is delighted to host and support Restart a Heart Day. Last year, our school community experienced first aid in action when one of our students required CPR, coupled with the use of our defibrillator. The actions of our first aid team on that day, armed with the critical knowledge of CPR, ensured that a young life was saved. The great ending to this story evidences how essential first aid is in our lives, and how imperative defibrillators are within our communities. Working with Yorkshire Ambulance Service, we hope to raise awareness of the vital life-saving skills which promote, preserve and protect the lives of us all.”

For more details about Restart a Heart Day, visit the website here.