Leeds West Academy


Rachel Reeves Opens Student Parliament

On Thursday 25th January, Leeds West Academy's Student Parliament was officially opened by Rachel Reeves, the MP for Leeds.

Student Parliament is made up of Junior and Senior Prefects, Student Council Representatives, Trust Leadership Representatives along with Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl.

Pupils are then split into departments, which include: Department for Health, Department for Education, Department for the Environment, Department for Business, Communications and Media, Department for Welfare and the Exchequer.

Each group meets weekly to discuss ideas within their areas about how to improve the Academy. Today, these ideas were put forward to the President, Vice President and Chancellor of the group.

President Moshin chaired Parliament, where actions were proposed and discussed with all of Parliament and parents who were invited for the official opening. Key actions were voted on democratically and agreed upon to take forward.

Mrs Jennings said: “I was very proud of the students involved as they presented themselves and the key actions so professionally, the whole session was a great success. Moving forward, the students would like to invite more parents and staff to ensure the Academy community is involved.”