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Promoting Equal Opportunities in STEM

Equality in Science

Following the success and broad appeal of the STEM Chemistry Show, there are a number of upcoming events at Leeds West Academy to promote equality and diversity within the STEM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Early in 2016, the Institute of Physics will be working with Leeds West Academy science teachers to enhance girls’ experience in the physics classroom. As part of the project, girls in Years 10 and 11 will be invited to participate in a Do Physics workshop to demonstrate alternative teaching approaches, which research shows will engage and enthuse girls in the field, as well as boys.

Students will also be invited to attend a follow-up discussion workshop entitled Science: It’s a People Thing. This workshop, developed in partnership with WISE and Intel, is designed to inspire girls in the STEM subjects. The workshop uses role models to facilitate small group discussion and explore gender stereotyping. The discussions look at myths and facts about girls and women in STEM, how these subjects connect with issues that girls care about and their importance as a gateway into a wide range of interesting jobs and careers.

Ms Foy, Director of Learning for Science, said: “By continuing to encourage girls into STEM-related careers, we will not only be increasing equality and diversity but we will be helping to meet the ever growing national demand for engineers”.

The next generation of creative innovators and engineers are already here at the academy. Katie and Tiffany are passionate about pursuing Engineering as a career. Both students currently study A-Level Physics and Maths among other subjects.

Tiffany said: “I have always excelled in Maths and Science throughout my time at school but I equally enjoy the more creative subjects. A career in engineering will give me that perfect blend of science with innovation and creative thinking.”

Katie added: “It has always been a passion of mine to enter a career in Engineering and I hope that other girls will be inspired by the workshops to consider engineering too.”