Leeds West Academy


PTI Subject Leadership

Leeds West Academy are proud to announce that five members of staff have successfully achieved the PTI Subject Mark for 2020.

The PTI Subject Leadership awards the accolade to leaders who demonstrate excellence in practice for developing an innovative and exciting curriculum, a commitment to subject specialism, breadth and depth of study and have made an impact within their school.   

The PTI, formally called The Princes’ Teaching Institute, is a prestigious organisation focused on enhancing the subject knowledge and pedagogy of teachers, sharing best practice nationally in teaching and leadership, and supporting schools to develop exceptional curricula through coherence and challenge. 

The award has been attained by Amy Coote (English), Richard Jagger (mathematics), Sarah Lindsay (science), Nina Kurij (music) and Rosie Evans (art). All of our staff reiterated the same positive experience and explained how wonderful and worthwhile it was to share expertise with others around the country. 

Amy Coote, Assistant Curriculum Leader of English, said, ‘I’m really pleased to have been successful in being awarded this PTI mark; it just emphasises the passion that we have for our subjects and in being the best practitioners we can be for our students at Leeds West Academy.

"Throughout the course it enabled me to network with other English leaders around the country to ensure that our current provision is the best it can be for our students and continue to make progress and move forward." 

Rosie Evans, Acting Curriculum Leader of art stated, "I am really pleased to have gained the PTI Subject Mark for Art. It was a great opportunity to explore curriculum intent and to share subject specialist best practice amongst like-minded subject leaders across the country." 

Nina Kurij, Curriculum Leader of music, commented "I am delighted to have achieved the PTI Subject Mark for music. As a music department we have worked extremely hard to engage students through an inspiring and varied curriculum, so it is fantastic that this has been recognised. The PTI has provided fantastic CPD opportunities for our team, and it has been great to network with music leaders across the country."

Richard Jagger, Assistant Curriculum Leader of maths, said "It has been fantastic to be part of the PTI this year and to see the hard work of our staff and students recognised. It has been invaluable to gain the insight of different practitioners around the country."

Finally, Sarah Lindsay, Curriculum Leader of science, continued in the same positive thread stating, "I am extremely pleased to have been awarded the PTI Subject Mark in recognition of the improvements made within science due to the hard work and dedication of the science team. Working with The PTI has given several opportunities for reflection and networking, enhancing subject knowledge and crystallising my thinking in planning for the upcoming academic year."