Leeds West Academy


National Obesity Awareness Week

Learning about healthy living for life

Leeds West Academy took part in the National Obesity Awareness Week from 9th to 13th January this term. Students across all year groups received a hard-hitting and informative assembly from Ms Davey, Mrs Bishop-west and Mr Pollard on what obesity is, how it affects our bodies and how it impacts on society and the wider school community. Students also learnt how small changes in lifestyle can make a huge difference.

Mr Pollard (pictured above) has been a real inspiration and role model to Leeds West Academy, demonstrating how it is possible to change habits and improve one's health and self-confidence. Mr Pollard and PE staff were on hand during the week, giving students advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet.

The feedback from the week was excellent with many pupils taking up the five challenges of drinking two litres of water a day, attending wake-up shake-up sessions before school, joining in with 30 minutes of vigerous exercise a day, replacing normal meals with healthy meals and keeping a food diary.

Leeds West Academy canteen staff saw an increase in brown bread sandwiches being sold and more fruit and vegetables being consumed by pupils in all years. The PE department also had higher numbers of pupils attending their extra curricular activities.

So does this important message stop here? Ms Jennings said: "We will continue to drive this message throughout the year with school leaders promoting this within PSHCE sessions in coaching, starting with a delivery of footage taken from staff who talk about the activities they currently take part in and why, in order to inspire our school community even further. The continual message of the importance of 30 minutes a day of vigerous exercise and minimising screen time will also be driven forward."

Miss Davey said: "What a week we have just had! Students really enjoyed the assemblies they recieved, expecially the talk from Mr Pollard who is a real inspiration to us all. We have seen some excellent changes in diet and exercise habits and many pupils took up the challenges that were set. Well done to all who that participated this week. Remember it is never too late to make a change!"

To download the National Obesity Awareness Week package produced by Leeds West Academy, click here.