Leeds West Academy


Meet our Beginner Teachers

Introducing Leeds West Academy's Beginner Teachers of 2019-20: 

Sadie Cooper - Science, PE and Dance Teacher

Miss Cooper got into teaching through the GORSE SCITT and is currently completing her second placement at LWA teaching science, PE and dance.

Miss Cooper teaches Physical Education at Leeds West Academy. She decided to become a teacher so she could pass on her knowledge and inspire children to follow their goals and achieve what they never thought possible and develop a love for physical activity both in and out of school.

Her favourite part of teaching is being outside on the field, in the sunshine, doing practical PE.

Miss Cooper is most excited about all the extra-curricular clubs and teams at Leeds West Academy, especially the new girls football team.

David Cook – Maths Teacher 

Mr Cook teaches maths at Leeds West Academy. He became a teacher, as he wanted a new challenge after many years in sales and marketing roles in the food industry.

His favourite subject to teach is Algebra.

Mr Cook is looking forward to his students becoming more confident in maths and achieving things they thought they couldn’t.

Alexandria Wallis - English Teacher

Miss Wallis teaches English at Leeds West Academy as she enjoys the fact that no two days are the same, being in the classroom always brings new challenges and new rewards.

Miss Wallis enjoys teaching poetry in English Literature. Her favourite poem is ‘Porphyria’s Lover.’ This year she is looking forward to forming positive relationships with her students.

Hayley Dews - Art & Photography Teacher

Miss Dews completed a PGCE Teaching degree at Leeds Trinity University. She teaches Art & Photography at Leeds West Academy. Her favourite lesson to teach is acrylic impressionist painting.

Miss Dews is most looking forward to driving and inspiring her Year 11 students to achieve their best possible grades.

Adam Livingston - PE Teacher

Mr Livingston moved to Sheffield to study Physical Education and School Sport at Sheffield Hallam University. Whilst there he took a number of voluntary roles alongside his studies to expand his knowledge and increase his experience in sport. He became chair of the local County FA's Youth Council, ran the university's social football sessions and sat on national boards for football development in higher education whilst also volunteering in local schools on a regular basis. Mr Livingston then remained at Sheffield Hallam to complete his PGCE in Physical Education (as well as teaching one hour of geography per week) in what was a really rewarding and fruitful year.

Mr Livingston has always had a passion for sport and began coaching junior football teams in his early teens. As he progressed through school and began undertaking coaching qualifications, he knew a career in teaching was the obvious path. Mr Livingston has always felt at home when teaching/coaching a group of people and he has a broad knowledge of a range of sports, which has helped him get to where he is today.

He really enjoy teaching the theoretical aspect of PE and getting into the details of the topic students are studying. Therefore, his favourite lesson is a theory lesson with lots of engagement and knowledge sharing. 

It is a big year for the PE department at Leeds West Academy. There have been a number of changes for the new academic year giving us the opportunity to make a huge impact on the students here.

On a personal note, Mr Livingston is most looking forward to developing his own teaching abilities this year, however, one of his main priorities is creating strong relationships with pupils and providing them with opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities and enjoy participating in physical activity. 

Mia Singleton - Geography Teacher

Miss Singleton became a teacher though Teach First. She teaches geography, but also a bit of history and citizenship at Leeds West Academy.

Miss Singleton chose to become a teacher as she has always enjoyed working with and leading young people. She also enjoys how each day is different, the role of teacher is so varied! 

This year, Miss Singleton is looking forward to forming positive relationships with children in her form and taking her first set of Year 11 students through their exams.

Abigail Morley - History and English Teacher

Miss Morley completed her training year teaching history but now teaches English as well.  

She decided to come into teaching because she was looking for a career that would be both rewarding and challenging and was ready for something new.

Her favourite lesson so far has been a lesson she had with a Year 8 class who were studying World War 2.

In the lesson the students had to complete a board game that explained the outbreak of the war, she enjoyed this lesson because it was a fantastic opportunity to see the students working together and learning from each other.

She is most looking forward to continuing to learn new skills and improve her practice, as well as being able to teach history!

Amy Peterson - English Teacher

 Miss Peterson is a teacher of English at Leeds West Academy. She chose to become a English teacher as her teachers in school enabled her to pursue higher education and access new opportunities. 

Her favourite lesson to teach is a KS4 high ability group as the discussion they have teaches her more than she teaches her students.

Miss Peterson is looking forward to developing her craft this year and seeing her students flourish and succeed.

Dale Finch -  Computing/ICT & Business Teacher

Mr Finch is a Computing/ICT & Business teacher at Leeds West Academy, although this year he is also teaching BTEC Travel & Tourism for the Year 11 students which he is really enjoying. 

Mr Finch chose to come into teaching so that he would be able to share the passion for his subjects with students and hopefully inspire them to take the subject further. Also for the fact that no day is the same!

Even though he is teaching Computing, Business and Travel & Tourism, his initial training was only Computing through a PGCE School Direct route with the Dixons Academies Trust in Bradford, which was in partnership with Leeds Trinity University. Mr Finch’s second placement was at Dixons Trinity Academy. From his experiences, Mr Finch believes he has picked up a variety of methods and techniques that he is able to apply to his lessons at Leeds West Academy to really enhance learning in lessons.

Mr Finch’s favourite lesson to teach in Computing is Python Programming, as it gets students to be creative and really enhances their problem solving puzzle skills which often brings out the best in them! For Business, he enjoys giving the students the opportunity to create their own Business pitch in a “The Apprentice” style project to see how creative they are.

He is looking forward to building positive relationships with all students, and starting the journey with his Year 7 form, 7DFi.