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Japanese Language and Culture

Exploring cultures

Leeds West Academy provides students the chance to expand their cultural horizons by experiencing new and exciting opportunities every week in EEP (Extension Enrichment Programme). Courses on offer include Nail Art, Future Tech for Girls, and Religious Studies. One of the latest EEP options is Japanese Language and Culture, led by Mr. Whinnery.

Exposure to other cultures gives students a glimpse of what life is like on the other side of the world and in the Japanese Language and Culture EEP students are invited to dive right in and experience everything from origami, calligraphy and haiku poetry, to anime, manga and even karaoke.

Students of all year groups have been provided with the opportunity to learn how to introduce themselves, count, tell the time and talk about their families in Japanese. These are skills which can be carried forward into other aspects of their education.

Mr. Whinnery said: “Learning another language is an invaluable skill, and young people are often much better at learning new things than adults, so understanding language and getting to grips with language learning techniques will stick with them for life, benefiting them in their future careers and education.”

Promoting understanding and cultural sensitivity is a key feature of PSHCE at Leeds West Academy.  We are delighted to offer students the chance to explore and experience diverse and rich cultures as part of an ever-expanding Extension Enrichment Programme.