Leeds West Academy


Head Boy & Head Girl Elections

Photo L to R: Harry, Erin, Nancy, Eryn and James.

Electing student leaders in learning

During assemblies throughout this week, Year 11 students have been pitching their manifestos for the role of Head Boy and Head Girl at Leeds West Academy. The election process will formally begin on 23rd January and each student in the school will be able to vote through the VLE.

The candidates consist of Harry, Erin, Nancy, Eryn and James, who each spoke passionately to Years 7 through to Year 11 about why they wished to become prime student leaders.

Mr Wheeler said: "Well done to Harry, Erin, Nancy, Eryn and James who gave inspirational speeches across the school, demonstrating immense confidence before an audience of hundreds of students. Each candidate provided a unique and visionary statement as to why they wished to represent the school as a whole. Best of luck to all five of these student leaders who have already provided support and encouragement to the wider school community with their inspirational actions."

The candidates produced the following political broadcast, outlining why they believe they should be leaders: