Leeds West Academy


First Aid Victory

School community commends life-saving staff

This term, Leeds West Academy is celebrating the victorious efforts of its First Aid Team. Last month the Sixth Form’s highly successful CTA Football Academy was in training when one of its students suddenly collapsed on the pitch. The players and staff quickly identified that the student was non-responsive.

Our First Aiders were immediately on scene and administered CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) in addition to the use of the school’s own AED (Automated External Defibrillator), ahead of the arrival of the emergency services. Statistically, using a defibrillator with effective CPR within 3-5 minutes of cardiac arrest increases survival potential from 6% to 74%.

The Academy's local community were aware of the situation as an air ambulance arrived on site. There was a wave of support on social media as the school confirmed the emergency response and that the family had been fully notified. Hundreds of well-wishers provided messages, commending the efforts of the First Aiders on scene.

On the evening of Friday 21st October, our student showed a remarkable recovery in intensive care and was conversing with family, friends and welcoming visits from Leeds West Academy staff. He is now at home and his recovery is cited as a great triumph for the school, highlighting the importance of First Aid training and particularly AEDs in public places.

Mr Hinchliffe, Academy Principal commented: “I would like to thank all of our staff who responded promptly at the scene. The professionalism, care and calmness of all involved was absolutely outstanding. I was also very impressed with the way our students responded with maturity and consideration. The great ending to this story evidences how essential First Aid is in our lives, and how imperative AEDs are within our communities, to promote, preserve and protect the lives of us all.”

Mr Long, Area Team Leader for Sport and the Community, adds: "The parents of the student involved would like to thank all of the staff involved in saving their child's life. They have been overwhelmed by the support of everyone involved at school and throughout the community."

An expanded Press Release is available to download at The White Rose Academies Trust / Press Releases. For more information about our First Aid Training partnership, please visit First On Scene.