Leeds West Academy


Trust-wide Students of the Month

Exceptional conduct and outstanding progress

Congratulations to Maisie, Bethany and Ellouise in Year 11, who are the Executive Principal's Students of the Month.

Each month, Executive Principal Mr Whitaker selects an individual, or group of students, who have demonstrated exceptional citizenship, academic progress or achievement from across The White Rose Academies Trust's family of schools.

Our first students of the month are from Leeds West Academy's Year 11; three young people who have gone above and beyond in citizenship in addition to making great progress in their studies.

Mr Whitaker explains: "Recently, I was attending a meeting at Leeds West Academy on an evening. As I arrived at the main entrance, I encountered Maisie, Bethany and Ellouise, who were leaving the Academy at the end of their school day - having attended an extended revision session for Year 11. Because they had not yet met me in person, the girls came over to introduce themselves and welcome me to Leeds West Academy."

Maisie, Bethany and Ellouise have since met with Mr Whitaker to discuss their outstanding progress in their studies and have showcased a very high standard of work across English, History and Science.

Mr Whitaker adds: "These Year 11 students are great examples of young people who take their studies seriously, by attending all of the after-school sessions which Leeds West Academy has to offer. Obviously, their conduct is exceptional and of great pride to our school community. I thank Maisie, Bethany and Ellouise for their conscientious attitude and congratulate them on their outstanding progress in their studies. Well done!"

Maisie, Bethany and Ellouise said: "We're just really proud to be students at Leeds West Academy - it's changed so much this year. The new Postive Behaviour we have is so much better and we've learnt so much more, so we're getting better results in our tests. We're very proud!"

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