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Encouraging Pride and Positivity Through Poetry

Encouraging Pride and Positivity Through Poetry

As a way of our encouraging our students to reflect positively on the past year, our recent student assemblies at Leeds West Academy have taken a different path than usual.

In our assemblies, Acting Principal Mr Whieldon shared one of his favourite poems by Robert Frost ‘The Road Not Taken’, which is renowned for its famous final lines: “I took the one less travelled by, / And that has made all the difference.”

As Mr Whieldon commented: “The poem is about taking a different path to the one that is normally taken. It is about a spirit of adventure in the face of things that seem different and about the reassurance that a different route or journey isn’t always worse than the one you can clearly see.

“There is a clear message of positivity which I want to share as we have taken a different path over these last twelve months and into the future. For all the difficulties we have faced, these last lines summarise a message of positivity. They are about taking a path into the future that we will be proud of and strengthened by because it is different. No students have experienced what ours have over the last twelve months and my message to them was the same as I would like to share with you; that we are all so fortunate to be a part of the Leeds West community and together can be strengthened by this time of challenge to continue to work together to secure the very best for our young people.”

If you are looking for some much-needed positivity to reflect, then we would high recommend you read the poem.

You can read Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’ for free on the Poetry Foundation website: