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Community Warriors

Community Warriors

Making a clean sweep

Community Warriors from the Foundation School contributed to the local community this week by picking litter on Intake Lane and Summerfield Drive. The students collected recycled materials and debris from the surrounding areas in a bid to maintain care and pride in the area.

PC Chambers said today: "This is a great example of our students giving something back to the community: their time and hard work. By volunteering to pick litter, the Community Warriors are extending an awareness of the law when it comes to littering, as well as demonstrating the core values which Leeds West Academy maintains."

Principal Mr. Hinchliffe added: "We thank all the Community Warriors for their ongoing work and effort, which has made a noticeable impact on the local area. Their tireless work is for the greater benefit of the local community, as well as the wildlife in the region. This is a highly admirable project and an excellent example of the values we believe in at Leeds West Academy."