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British Values in Practice

Foundation School on Law & Justice Systems

On Wednesday 9th November, Leeds West Academy's Foundation School were immersed in a unique programme of activities as part of the school’s first CT Day of the academic year.

Throughout the day, Foundation School explored British Values; learning about democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. Students also had the opportunity to extend their awareness of visible and invisible disabilities through equality training and practical workshops.

Year 7 completed a day's programme called Accepting & Belonging, engaging with providers who were examining lives with disabilities, collaborating with disabled people in sports and the local community. Highlights of the day were, as always, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Learning Sign Language and KidzAware: understanding disabilities.

Foundation School Leader Mr Bullock said: “It was truly inspiring to see our students engaging with these diverse topics throughout the day. At lunch, students were seen practicing their sign language skills which they had picked up, whilst discussing what life is like for people with disabilities and what positive differences our student community could make in future.”

Year 8 tackled the British Justice system, with an ex-prisoner speaking about prison life in a session called Impressionable Minds. Later, students put the rule of law into practice with a unique Court In Session activity run by Ms Smith. Working in a carousel system, Year 8 also learnt about Joint Enterprise, how laws are created, the Youth Justice System, and Race & British Law. In a popular research activity, students also learnt about the impact and consequences of crime in the local area.

Mr Bullock added: "Year 8 thoroughly engaged in the practical Court Session with Ms Smith, learning how the process of the court and jury works. Impressionable Minds offered an insight into an ex-criminal and what he had learned on his journey through the system. Some of our students were shocked by our speakers' revelations and certainly took on board the consequences of crime and how the rule of law governs every citizen in Great Britain."

Principal Mr Hinchliffe said: "The Academy thanks all of the innovative and inspirational speakers who have worked with our students to expand and develop their knowledge of British Values, whilst expanding the awareness of disability and learning the importance of equality."

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