Leeds West Academy


Josh Gray

Associate Assistant Principal - Curriculum Design & System 


Josh Gray joined Leeds West Academy in 2018 as a Director of Achievement after starting his career as a Teacher of Mathematics in 2014, working in the surrounding area of Kirklees. As Director of Achievement, Josh worked and delivered on various projects to ensure that students outcomes were the best they could be, particularly focusing efforts on ensuring that students in Year 11 had an exceptional provision of after school subject lessons, which provided student with the opportunity to restore lost learning time due to the pandemic. Josh also implemented the remote learning strategy for Leeds West Academy, which has been refined following the pandemic to ensure that students are able to become more independent learners.  Josh took on additional responsibility in 2021 where he undertook the role of the school ‘timetabler’.  ​

In 2022, Josh was appointed as an Associate Assistant Principal for Curriculum Structure and System where he will take on responsibility for the Academy curriculum timetable and Arbor, our school MIS system. Josh is very keen to develop the use of technology within the Academy, ensuring that we utilise it to reduce staff workload and develop even more links to our wider community.  ​

Outside of work, Josh has a keen interest in Music, something which has been a passion of his since secondary school. He also has a keen interest in flying where he in his initial stages of taking lessons to one day, gain his private pilot license.