Leeds West Academy


Participation Beyond School


Participation Beyond School sessions are a unique offer from the Academy.

Our extensive extracurricular programme is called Leeds West Learner Participating Beyond the Classroom. 

This programme of activities runs from Monday through to Friday. Students have the opportunity to follow an area, an activity, or a sports/special interest club which would not be available within the range of the normal Academy timetable. 

Many aspects of the Academy specialisms are also reflected in Leeds West Learner Participating Beyond the Classroom, as well as an extensive programme of additional activities from cheerleading, netball, football to Philosophy in Science Club. The programme also offers many activities that extend the Academy timetable; these include both compulsory and non-compulsory revision and catch-up sessions for various subjects for Year 10 and 11 students.

A new timetable of activities will be available in September/October 2020.