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Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education

The PSHE curriculum covers the personal, social, health and economic education of students. This follows statutory guidance on drugs education, financial & careers guidance (CIAG), sex and relationships education (SRE) and the importance of physical activity and the diet for a healthy lifestyle (healthy Schools).

Included in the curriculum is the spiritual, social, moral and cultural education (SMSC) covering fundamental 'British Values' and the current issues of 'The Prevent Agenda', ensuring exposure to extremist views and political indoctrination is covered through extra-curricular activities to ensure students are offered a balanced presentation of opposing views.

The PSHE curriculum is divided into specific threads and themes to ensure the students have access to all the subjects above and the opportunity to build the skills, qualities and values that underpin their future role in society. Each thread also include the delivery of Religious Education in line with statutory guidance.


Key Areas


Useful Policies

RSE Policy

 PSHE Curriculum Threads and Themes


The personal development curriculum has been divided into five threads that cover all of the elements of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students within the curriculum and wider school environment to include citizenship and religious education.



Objectives / topics

Religion, Personal Identity. Equality and Diversity

  • Developing self-worth, resilience & independence
  • Developing confident learners
  • Valuing diversity, promoting tolerance, tackling prejudice & challenging extremism
  • Encouraging self-reflection & valuing the beliefs, religious or otherwise, of others
  • Showing respect for others, preventing bullying & hate incidents
  • Willingness to participate positively in artistic, musical, sporting & cultural opportunities
  • Taking pride in personal achievements & in achievements of others in the school
  • Developing religious views on the meaning of life

Personal well-being and safety, religion & relationships

  • Understanding how to stay safe in different situations and settings, including on-line, fire and road safety.  
  • Making informed choices about a wide range of activities that impact health & well-being: including diet, sports & leisure, drugs, alcohol & smoking.
  • Emotional & mental well-being & managing stress
  • Understanding healthy relationships at all ages
  • Understanding the importance of attendance
  • Understanding religious beliefs & the purpose of marriage & family

Career Aspirations and Economic Well-Being

  • Enabling informed career choices
  • Developing skills & qualities, such as the grit & determination to succeed
  • Managing money, understanding finance and debt
  • Preparing for higher education
  • Reflection on behaviours & attitudes to learning & working
  • Understanding religious attitudes to the purpose and importance of work

Religion in a multicultural and modern society

  • Understanding British values of democracy and individual liberty
  • Promoting engagement with British values
  • Building knowledge of the Prevent Agenda, the rule of law & recognising the difference between right & wrong
  • Engaging with modern society & appreciating the cultural influences within society in order to promote tolerance
  • Reflecting on the consequences of actions & the impact on others
  • Becoming thoughtful & caring members of society, being able to resolve conflict
  • Building knowledge about the roles played by public institutions & voluntary groups in British society
  • Understanding the influence of integration, immigration & emigration
  • Gaining knowledge of different cultural celebration

Global Citizenship, religion and human rights

  • Considering the role of individuals within the global community
  • Understanding the impact of human activities on the environment, sustainability & resources
  • Building knowledge about the role of international organisations & voluntary groups
  • Discussions & debates on global issues, current affairs, such as the global economy, global conflict & world health issues
  • Developing respect for different cultures, human rights, religions viewpoints & engaging in constructive debate


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