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Our comprehensive weekly extra-curricular program caters for a wide range of ages and interest, from Monday to Friday. The extra curricular at Leeds West Academy allows students to be come part of a team and socialize and create new friendships across all year groups, whilst having fun and developing new skills. Our range of clubs allows students to develop a wide range of transferable skills and have a positive influence on the student’s self esteem, welling being and confidence.

Clubs by day:


Music Lessons

From the 4th October 2021 the Music department is restarting its music lessons.

You have opportunity to learn:

  • Singing
  • Drums
  • DJ
  • Launchpad
  • Guitar - Electric, Acoustic & Bass
  • Piano/Keyboard

You can apply for lessons in any other the above by collecting a Letter from your Music teacher.

For the whole term the lessons are £30.

LWA KS3 Specialism


Before joining year 7 students can audition for Specialism Programme at Leeds West Academy. This is a programme that selects 24-30 students (in and outside the catchment area) every year to take part in bespoke Performing Arts workshops, extra-curricular and live performances.

From year 7- 9 specialism students will be involved in the following experiences:

  • Drop down days- Specialism students will be off timetable one every half term to take part n bespoke workshops in Drama, Dance and music.
  • Access to all Performing Arts extra curricular
  • Access to live theatre experiences once every term.

If specialism is something you are interested in and you have a flare for dance, drama and music, or want to begin your journey as a Performing Arts student, in order for you to join the programme, you will need to apply through an application process.

LWA Specialism Programme Application form. 

Once we have received your application form, we will then write to you with a time and date for you to come in to the academy and audition. The audition will last no longer an hour and you will learn a short dance routine, a song and perform a short acting motif. If you play an instrument you will also have the chance to demonstrate that one to one with our Head of Music. The auditions will normally take place in November of your Year 6 year. 

If you are successful in your audiation you will gain a place within specialism subject to you gaining your place at Leeds West Academy. You will find out whether you have a place in Specialism on the day you find out your chosen school. This usually takes place in March. 

Please contact:
newsome.a@whiteroseacademies.org or kurij.n@whiteroseacademies.org to discuss the programme in more details.