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At Leeds West Academy, we believe that good attendance is central to a students’ academic achievement and personal development.  Put simply, if a student is not in the academy, they cannot take advantage of the excellent opportunities that are available each day.    

By providing a vibrant learning environment, consistently good teaching and learning and an exciting range of extra-curricular activities, we will encourage students to come to the academy.  However, we will also provide the support and challenge needed to help students overcome the difficulties in their lives which lead to poor attendance.  

Whilst it is the parent or carer’s responsibility to ensure that their children are present at the academy, all adults in the academy who work directly with the students take a responsibility for good attendance.    

Our current whole school attendance target is 95.5%.  The minimum expected attendance for students is 97%. 

“Every Day Counts”
Your child’s Attendance target is 97% +

Leeds West Academy Attendance Team

Michelle Coles - Year 7 Attendance Support Officer  

Chelsea Schofield - Year 8 Attendance Support Officer  

Janine Reid - Year 9 Attendance Support Officer and Attendance Team Admin Support  

Louise Carrey - Year 10 Attendance Support Officer

Emma Whitehead - Attendance Leader and Year 11 Attendance Support Officer

Trevor Lester - Assistant Principal (Attendance)  

We have worked together with many families, to improve children's attendance. Here are some of the top hints and tips to help you to support your child in attending school every day.

Please click here to view our Home Support - Attendance Document 

Impact of missing school over time 

Attendance during one school year 

Equals days absent 

Which is approximately weeks absent 

Which means the number of lessons missed 

Absences over 5 years 


5 days 

1 week 

25 lessons 

1 Month 1 week 


9 Days  

2 Weeks  

50 Lessons 

¼ Year 


19 Days 

4 Weeks 

100 lessons 

½ Year 


38 Days 

8 Weeks 

200 Lessons 

1 Year 


57 Days 

11 ½ Weeks 

288 Lessons 

1 ¼ Year 


80 Days 

16 Weeks 

400 Lessons 

2 Years 


Parents/Carers and Students

Students should arrive on time every day, fully equipped and in full school uniform.

Students should arrive at each lesson on time. The first bell is at 8.25am and students are expected to be in the academy ready for learning by 8.30am; they are deemed late to the academy if they arrive at their lesson after 8.30am.

When there is a genuine and unavoidable reason for absence parents must contact the Attendance Office on 0113 5327 777/8 on the first day. If a date of return cannot be provided, parents must contact the academy on each additional day of the absence until the student returns.

Leave of absence

Please note we will not grant permission for holidays during term time. This policy is in line with current statutory guidelines which came into effect in September 2013.

The Principal will decide, via the Attendance Officer, whether or not an absence should be authorised. The Principal will only authorise leave of absence in term time when there are exceptional reasons for a child to miss school.

Parents or carers must make a request to the academy in advance on the appropriate form and should show that there are special reasons why the leave of absence has to be in term-time. The cost, convenience or availability of a particular holiday/insurance related to a holiday will not be taken into consideration.

All staff at Leeds West Academy play a roll in attendance and the academy promote incentives and rewards for great attendance which is part of the Stars attendance strategy.