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A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students at Leeds West Academy. The full support of parents/carers is requested with regard to uniform. The proper wearing of our uniform is expected at all times (in school, and to and from school) as it reflects on the individual as well as the School community. In cases of any dispute regarding the suitability of uniform or appearance, the Principal’s decision is final.

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Academy Uniform

LWA branded items can be purchased from Uniformity, 3-5 Town St, Farsley, Pudsey LS28 5EN. 

Telephone: 0113 256 60 20.


Students are expected to: 

  • Wear a black blazer with teal piping and academy logo at all times until otherwise directed.
  • Wear a white tailored shirt which must be tucked into your waistband with a top button that must be fastened. Wear the correct coloured school tie which must be worn with the knot covering the top button of the shirt.
  • It is optional to wear the school jumper with teal and mustard banding on the V-neck.  This can be worn in addition to the blazer, not as a substitute.
  • Wear plain black tailored trousers with black socks. Tailored means not tight fitting or figure hugging and not made from stretchy fabrics. Any other style of trouser is not permitted.  Jeans, leggings, cut-off trousers or trousers with decorative zips are not permitted.
  • If a student chooses to wear a belt, it must be black and have a suitable buckle.
  • Skirts are not permitted to be worn as part of the Academy uniform.
  • Wear completely black leather shoes. Trainers/pumps/canvas shoes/high heels are NOT allowed.  All shoes must be free from branding or logos on the upper of the shoes or the edges of the soles.  All shoes must have a flat sole and sit below the ankle (not ankle boots).
  • Sturdy school bag which you can fit an A4 folder in.
  • Outdoor items such as outdoor coats, hats and scarves can be worn to and from the academy; however these should be removed before entering the buildings.

Jewellery is not permitted except one small gold/silver stud in each ear.  No other piercing anywhere on the face or tongue is allowed; covering with plasters is not acceptable. Students are encouraged to wear a watch. Where students arrive at school with excessive make-up, bright eyeliner, lipstick, nail varnish, etc, they will be asked to remove it.  Nail extensions, Shellac or any other additions to natural nails are not allowed. If a student is unable to remove any of the aforementioned they will be placed in Seclusion until this is done.  Extremes in hairstyle are not permitted.  The decision regarding the appropriateness of the above areas of appearance is at the discretion of the LWA Pastoral Team.

PE Uniform

For Outdoor lessons students will need:

  • Black Leeds West Academy Polo Top
  • Either Black Tracksuit Bottoms or Black Shorts
  • A Leeds West Academy Black Hooded Jumper or Plain Black Hooded Jumper or Sweatshirt.
  • Football boots (desirable but optional)
  • Hat and Gloves (Optional)
  • A plastic bag for muddy/wet equipment.

For Indoor lessons students will need:

  • Black Leeds West Academy Polo Top
  • Black Shorts
  • Trainers 

If your child is a Performing Arts specialist they will be allowed to wear their Leeds West Academy branded kit for PE lessons. No other kit will be accepted. If you have a query please confirm this with your child’s PE teacher.

Performing Arts Kit

Students are allowed to wear a gym-like t-shirt that is not figure hugging and/or the PA t-shirt.  Students are not allowed to wear crop tops in lessons.

  • Students are allowed to wear leggings which must be opaque.
  • Students are allowed to wear dance shoes/ dance trainers in a dance class. However, they will not be allowed to wear socks in a dance/movement class if they have no other footwear. 

The decision regarding the appropriateness of uniform and appearance is at the discretion of the LWA Pastoral Team. 

Basic Equipment:


Planner – provided by the school

2 x Blue or black pens

Green and purple pen

2 x Pencils

Coloured pencils


Scientific Calculator

English Dictionary

Reading Book

Mobile Technology

The use of mobile phones is not permitted on corridors or classrooms.  Students who bring their mobile phones to school must ensure that their mobile phone is turned off and in the bottom of a school bag.  If a mobile phone is seen or being used on a corridor or in a classroom, it will be confiscated for 24 hours or until a parent/carer can collect.  Refusal to hand a mobile phone to a member of staff is defiance.  This will result in a day in Seclusion.  We do not accept responsibility for mobile phones or mobile technology through either loss or theft.  Students should also note that the viewing or sharing of offensive materials, or verbally abusing, bullying or inciting aggression towards members of the LWA community via mobile technology is liable to result in a school sanction and/or police intervention.