Leeds West Academy


Student Parliament

Leeds West Academy's Student Parliament exists to ensure that teaching, learning and student experience is constantly being improved through Student Voice. Student Parliament is core to Academy life, assisting in crucial aspects of the school's decision-making.

Student Parliament is comprised of Trust Student Leaders, House Captains, Student Leadership Groups and Student Principals. These pupils are actively involved in interviewing new staff, discussing rewards, improving life within the academy and developing fundraising activities. At Leeds West Academy, Student Parliament demonstrates democracy in action and is an extension of the school's practical propagation of British Values

Student Voice – LWA Prefects, Student Parliament, and Year Council

We believe Student Voice is vital at LWA to ensure the students contribute to their learning environment. Whilst student voice is employed throughout tutor time and lessons, the formal structure of Academy Parliament has been established. All tutor group members elect two representatives to their Year Council and from this, three students per year group are selected to speak for them at Academy Parliament. Academy Parliament meetings are held half termly and all representatives are encouraged to collect their tutor groups’ opinions and feelings on a range of topics related to both academy and student life. 

Everything from academy lunches to rewards policy to improving the academy and surrounding community will be discussed. What our students say is extremely important to us as an academy and community.  

LWA Prefects

Students can apply for the role of Prefect.  Being accepted for the role is regarded as an honour, and shows how highly the academy community values the efforts of that student as a role model to others. Students wishing to apply for the role of Prefect will be invited to write a letter of application. This needs to state why they feel they should be considered for the role, how they contribute to the academy community, and how they would work to improve the academy including ideas for development.  A small group of Prefects are selected to join the WRAT Trust Student Leadership Group.  They meet with fellow Prefects from Leeds East Academy and Leeds City Academy, and work directly with the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andrew Whitaker, to develop student voice across the Trust.  

Senior Prefects


The LWA Student Parliament and Year Councils   

A President, Vice President and Chancellor are elected from the MSP’s.  The Parliament is divided into Departments with a Minister for each Parliamentary Department. Each student has been placed into a department and meets weekly as a group to discuss areas to focus on. This is an exciting opportunity for our students providing them with fantastic leadership opportunities.