Leeds West Academy

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

At Leeds West Academy, we understand the impact an effective teacher has on the learning and progress a student makes. What happens in the classroom is at the heart of everything we do, and we believe that we should always strive to be the best we can be.  Through tailored workshops and whole academy training, we have an effective blend of professional development, as well as a number of our staff pursuing  National College professional qualifications.

Our 'non-negotiables' underpin what makes effective teaching and ensures consistency of expectations in the classroom

This year our key area of focus are
*planning for examination success through retention, application and revision
* ensuring literacy is embedded in all lessons
* high impact marking feedback and ensuring that students are responding to this feedback
* ensuring positive discipline and learning routines



Pride in Presentation

The way we present our work says a lot about our attitudes towards it.  At Leeds West Academy we have Pride in our Presentation and work hard to ensure that the way we present our work is to the highest standards possible.


GCSE Example Work

Class Work


Titles underlined

No blank pages left

Any errors have a single line through them

No graffiti

Neat handwriting throughout





Extended Writing


Paragraphs used correctly.

PELL acronym used effectively.

Starts with a short introduction.

Finishes with a conclusion.








Clearly labelled

Completed to the best of your ability

Presented beautifully

Not rushed or copied

Lack effort = homework comment and you will need to re-do it.