Leeds West Academy

Behaviour at Leeds West Academy

Our philosophy at the White Rose Academies is absolutely clear: we want to teach our students well so that they learn to the best of their ability and go out into the world with the best possible springboard to being productive and successful citizens. Good behaviour in the classroom is essential for good teaching and learning to take place. We start from the view that our students should be actively rewarded for good behaviour and we encourage all staff to find opportunities to do this. We have a traditional approach to discipline based upon a very clear set of consequences for unacceptable behaviour that interferes with good order in the academy.

The consistent application of our behavour policy, aligned with a relentless focus on academic improvement, has made progress in learning more likely. The academy believes that the PD policy encompasses clear and easy steps of sanctions and rewards which are communicated to every student and applied by every teacher. The implementation and subsequent establishment of the policy has been a success and the academy is confident that it gives a greater base for further achievement this year.


Full Behaviour Policy