Leeds West Academy


Student Donates Hair to Charity

Tommy shares why he decided to cut off his locks. 

All of the staff and students at Leeds West Academy would like to congratulate Year 11 student, Tommy, for his fundraising efforts and brave decision to cut all of his hair off for charity at the end of last month.  

Tommy writes: “I shaved my hair off because my granddad, Kevin, fell ill to throat cancer about three months ago and I wanted to help where I could. I also wanted to get out of a habit of playing with my long hair!

I thought it would be a bit ignorant to just cut it all off and have it swept into the bin so I arranged to have it donated to Cancer Research UK.

It was only a few weeks later that my granddad gave me the idea of trying to raise some money whilst doing it for the same charity.

Altogether, I raised around £540 in the space of two-three weeks. £225 from my online giving page, £128 was raised by my mum's colleagues and the rest was given by students and teachers around Leeds West Academy.”