Leeds West Academy


Year 11 Mock Results Day

Tuesday 8th January saw our Year 11 students receive their mock exam results in a manner which closely reflected what they will experience in the summer.

The idea of this mock results day was to prepare the students for the apprehension that is associated with waiting to find out their results in August.  It was also an opportunity to help the students take stock of their current position both in relation to the exam dates and the reality of achieving their target grades.

Mr Lester, Assistant Principal of Data and Achievement said, “I set the scene by making sure that the students knew that they have 13 weeks left until the exams start coming thick and fast. Whilst this is a limited amount of time, it is enough time to make a big difference and have a huge impact on their results. I explained that they should use the advice and guidance of teaching staff and Form Tutors, as this will help them achieve their potential."

Students then collected their results and opened their envelopes (if they wanted to). They were able to talk about them with staff members and peers.

Grace, Year 11 Pupil, said “It was good, it gave me an opportunity to trial what it is like opening your results, before the real thing.”

Milla, another Year 11 Pupil, shared “It gave me an idea of where I am and what I need to do!”

They then returned to their form room and each Form Tutor worked through a strategic list of items which offered support and guidance and signposted steps that they can take to improve their grades.

Mr Lyons, Head of Maths and Year 11 Form Tutor, commented “It went really well and thought it was well organised. I heard a couple of students go from saying, 'I don't care if I fail' to 'now that I know it's only one subject that I need to work on it helps'.”

We hope that in giving students the opportunity to receive their results in this way will spur them on to obtain even better results in the summer.