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Work of the Week

Innovation and expression

This week we congratulate Charlie Ogden and his team (Ryan Schofield and Demi Robson) who have created 'Foursome Footwear' as part of a project to invent and innovate future products to pitch to Leeds West Academy's Dragon's Den.

The team's shoe design allows you to change the sole depending on activity. The interchangeable soles have been created to support running, skating and jumping. Charlie explains: ""This fabulous shoe allows you to transform your shoe in to roller skates, football boots, a moon walker, as well as the convenient everyday shoe. Say goodbye to walking and say hello to your way to coolness."

Ms Lali said: "Well done to Charlie, Ryan and Demi on an outstanding project which demonstrates incredible innovation. Not only is the product well-designed, it is also attractively decorated. The prototype has been beautifully produced. Outstanding work from our Foundation School students as ever!"

Also this week, Reece Patterson wrote a wonderful piece of independent Spanish work, in his own time, for Ms Dixon.

Ms Dixon said: "This is a superb example of independent work from Reece. Despite some small inaccuracies, and a little lack of extension in sentence structures, this work has elements of grade B structures at GCSE. Some of the tenses Reece has developed independently; taking the present tense version and working out how to transfer that structure into the past tense. This is an outstanding piece of work for a student of his age. Well done and gracias, Reece!"