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Student Council Development Collaboration

Three School Councils - One Outstanding Vision

Student Councils from Leeds West Academy, Leeds City Academy and Leeds East Academy assembled on 6th March to develop and share their leadership skills during a day-long series of workshops based at Leeds City Academy.

The day was led by Jason from Blue Circle, who inspired the three Student Councils and enhanced their independent visions for school improvement. There was a strong focus on providing an outstanding student experience in each Academy, with a target of ensuring that every student in each school has everything in place to ensure they reach their full potential.

During the training, Jason requested that students think about why we have School Councils; he asked students to identify a skill-set which is required for the roles within the Councils; and tasked the groups to develop new project concepts and create an action plan for the whole year.

Ms Rose, Principal of Leeds City Academy said: "Thank you to Jason from Blue Circle for delivering an inspirational day of workshops and activities, which has driven forward some exceptionally innovative thinking with Student Council today. The training has been fantastic and students have been presenting the issues which affect their schools and learning. This was an amazing opportunity for students to get together, work collaboratively and push on the development of the three Academies."

Ms Mumby from Leeds East Academy added: "It was wonderful to see students from across The White Rose Academies Trust join together to forge new ideas for school improvements, whilst debating solutions to complex issues. The manner in which students conducted themselves - by listening and responding with reasoned thinking - demonstrated outstanding maturity in every year group. We developed some incredible new ideas today, which we look forward to implementing into our Academy plans this year."

Troy from Leeds West Academy's Student Council reflected on working with others from across the Trust: "We've been writing a script for our presentation for culture and diversity. I've really enjoyed today; it's been interesting to see what the other schools are like in The White Rose Academies Trust."

View the short video below to see students from across The White Rose Academies Trust developing their own concepts for school improvement: