Leeds West Academy


Outstanding Newly Qualified Teachers

Securing great outcomes for students with excellent teachers

At Leeds West Academy we pride ourselves on the induction offer that teachers new to the profession get and the current cohort of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) have been a fantastic addition to the academy staff. 

Within the group there are teachers that we have known for a long time; the likes of Ms Pugh (Maths), Ms Evans (Art) and Ms Thorneycroft (Spanish) came through our own teacher training offer. We also had the pleasure of hosting Mr Terry (Maths) during his second placement from Bradford College as well as knowing a little bit about Ms Morris (Geography), Ms Spencer (Technology), Ms Kistnen (Drama), and Mr Rob (Science) from our friends at the Gorse SCITT.

Mr Lloyd was already working with us in the Maths team and we also recruited from further afield with the additions of Mr Davison (English), Ms Hardy and Mr Wilson (both ICT and business). 

One particularly nice story has been the addition of Mr Cave to the Maths department. Mr Cave was a pupil at Leeds West Academy and is now on the other side of the desk as he teaches young people who were sat in his shoes only four years ago. We sincerely hope that more of students consider a career in teaching in the future.  

Mr Pocock, Assistant Principal for Training and Development, said: "Every year we recruit a great group of NQTs and this cohort have been no different. Being new to any career is difficult and this group have added a massive amount to the Academy. Not only are they working really hard to secure great outcomes for the young people of LWA, I can see how they offer a vast amount of other opportunities for young people such as extra-curricular clubs, intervention sessions and trips. We are very grateful for their hard work and look forward to working with them further.”

If you’re interested in training at Leeds West Academy, please head to The White Rose Academies Trust’s Beginner Teachers page.