Leeds West Academy


Our Amazing Achievers

We are so proud of our sixth-form students who have achieved big things this year.

Olivia has just won 1st place at the Team Gym International Event that took place this weekend.

Olivia has taken part in international gymnastics from a young age and has competed several times winning national and international medals. She also works at a local gymnastics and teaches children her expertise. 

Lauren, last weekend, was announced as number 1 in the world for Women's Randori in Aikido. This is a contact martial arts sport and has been something Lauren has participated in from a young age. Lauren has travelled to Japan and other countries to gain her title. 

Amber (not featured in the photograph) was awarded second in the country for solo Freestyle at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool last weekend where Strictly Come Dancing was also held. Amber again has performed and won several medals from a young age in this style of dance.

We are in awe of all the talented students we have in our academy!