Leeds West Academy


LWA Student of the Week

Poppy, Niamh and Kaitlyn are last weeks Students of the Week. 

Poppy, Niamh and Kaitlyn were given the opportunity to teach their own History lesson. These three girls worked very hard to put together an inspiring and engaging lesson. 

 Mr Downing said "The three students chose to teach about Rationing in World War II. Their lesson consisted of a brilliantly crafted PowerPoint on Rationing, which included a whole range of activities for the pupils.

"The lesson included some specially made rock buns (using 1940s recipes), a video about rationing in the War, some great memories of the girls own grandparents during the War and a creative board game.

"The lesson was beautifully presented and some great teaching techniques were used - using reward stamps, recording key words and asking a range of questions.

"It was absolutely fantastic to watch the pupils work so maturely and with such poise and assurance. The teachers involved were totally in awe of the way the students led the lesson and the pupils involved in it - one pupil said 'it's the best lesson we have had all year!'

"I cannot praise these students enough it was an inspiring lesson to take part in and observe."

Who will be the next Student of the Week? It could be you.