Leeds West Academy


LWA Space Day

On Tuesday 20th November Leeds West Academy held their very first SPACE day of this academic year.

During SPACE day every year group was off timetable and given activities that all relate to their personal, social and emotional well-being. 

Outside agencies and local businesses came into deliver topics that relate to local community issues and also careers advice and guidance for students who are about to choose their GCSE options in year 8 and to Year 11/13 who are about to embark on their next phase of education, training or work place in the community. 

Sexual health and relationships is a very sensitive subject; current topics were delivered by specialist staff who are able to support young students with delicate issues and give them the confidence to talk about them in a safe environment.  

Equality and diversity is another topic that was delivered to Year 7 to make sure they had a good understanding of what is faced every day by different cultures and minority groups. 

The day was a huge success and will be a platform for all students to build upon in their tutor time discussions and any future activities in their curriculum timetable.