Leeds West Academy

Tales from Creative Storytellers

On Tuesday 30th January, Year 9 took part in a morning of storytelling at Leeds West Academy. Working with the charity CGL, Leeds University students and ‘Phil Pearce and The Spoken Word’, pupils listened to a range of books from the Human Library and some real-life poetry stories.

 The workshop element of the morning included pupils telling their stories using poetry, rap and spoken word. Pupils learnt that everyone has a story and the willingness to share and present their own story was astounding- so much so that it was hard to choose a top 10 so instead it became a top 20!

Helen Thompson from CGL said: “To say my mind was blown by the resilience and courage of these young people talking about their own life experiences in front of their peers was an understatement.”

The morning developed pupils’ creative and empathetic skills, which not only enhanced their potential in their English Creative Writing GCSE, it also strengthened their emotional literacy.

All 20 finalists were awarded postcards for their effort. The winners of the top prizes, 4 free tickets to see the play Blood Brothers in May, will be announced in Year 9 assembly next week.

Ms Simpson added: “The engagement and maturity shown by the students was exemplary, from listening to the stories to sharing their own.”