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Excellent Recently Qualified Teachers

Mr Pocock shares teachers' success 

Within our training offer at Leeds West Academy, we cater for a range of experience including those who have recently qualified. A previous article discussed our Newly Qualified Teachers for those in their first year of teaching but we ensure that our teachers have a level of support beyond this too. 

Mr Pocock, Assistant Principal Training and Development, said: "During an initial teacher training year there is a great level of support and this continues into the NQT year but a lot of schools withdraw support beyond this. At Leeds West Academy we made a key decision to ensure that a level of support remained in place into what is commonly referred to as the RQT (Recently Qualified Teacher) year. All of our RQTs have a coach who they work closely with to continue their development further." 

Our current crop of RQTs include teachers who have been with us for three years now after training with us such as Mrs Sapey (Maths) and Mr Anderson (Primary PE). A large number of RQTs are in their second year at the Academy after completing their NQT year with us such as Ms Hetherington (English), Mr Holliday (Science), Ms Mahmood (Science), Ms Castlehouse (Science), Mr Giles (Humanities), Mr Billingham (Humanities) and Ms Gorrard-Smith (Art).  

Mr Pocock went on to say: "The great thing about our RQTs is that you can really see the impact they are starting to make. Those who had a GCSE or A Level class last year had impressive results and those teaching Year 11, 12 or 13 this year are forecasting similar. It is also fantastic to see that some of them are taking the next steps in their careers by taking on leadership responsibilities too."