Leeds West Academy


Engage Evening: Total Recall

 Leeds West Academy launched its first Engage Evening of the academic year on Monday 8th October.

Over 200 parents and children attended the ‘Total Recall’ session delivered by our enthusiastic and passionate staff.

Our first Engage Evening enabled parents to learn more about this new approach to homework and how they can help their children at home.

The evening was a huge success as parents and children were able to socialise with one another whilst having a cooked meal before the Total Recall session. During the session parents were able to discuss best practice and ask staff questions, allowing them to better understand how their children are taught in the classroom.

The evening finished with a £100 shopping voucher prize draw and the chance for parents to speak one on one with the staff who led the session. 

It was great to receive feedback from families as they relayed to members of staff that the evening was fantastic, engaging and fun. It was evident to see that many parents enjoyed the opportunity they had to really engage with the methods and techniques their children use on a daily basis.

Mr Wilcocks said “It was fabulous to see so many families joining us for our first ‘Engage Evening’ of the year.  I particularly enjoyed seeing our parents interact with each other, using many of the structures their children will use every day in their lessons. It was a privilege to witness such a positive event that will ultimately benefit our students.”

The Engage Evenings, taking place throughout this academic year, are aimed at giving parents a clear understanding of the techniques we use with our students. 

Our next Engage Evening will take place on Monday 12th November. This session will focus on year 11 students and preparation for their exams.